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Financial Freedom

To answer the following questions, please look ahead to an ideal and realistic date when you would like to achieve financial freedom.

MM/DD/YYYY (in the future)
Your ideal monthly income after reaching your Financial Freedom Date.
The number of income sources you are projected to have available at your Financial Free Date.
Investor Profile

Knowing your Investment Objective is helpful for us as we partner with you to try to achieve Uncommon Wealth. Here are the categories that can help you think through what your investment objective is:

Capital Preservation: Not wanting loss of your principal on your asset/investment.
Income / Cash Flow: Asset/Investment solely focused on income and not concerned about the asset/investment growing in value.
Growth & Income: Wanting more income but also for the asset/investment to grow.
Growth: Wanting the asset/investment to grow and not concerned about income.
Aggressive Growth: High-risk strategy designed for signification growth.
Speculation: Very high-risk strategy that seeks maximum gain and total potential loss.
Conservative: values protecting principal over seeking appreciation. This investor is comfortable accepting lower returns for a higher degree of liquidity and/or stability.
Moderately Conservative: values principal preservation, but is comfortable accepting a small degree of risk and volatility to seek some degree of appreciation.
Moderate: values reducing risks and enhancing returns equally. This investor is willing to accept modest risks to seek higher long-term returns.
Moderate Growth: values higher long-term returns and is willing to accept considerable risk. This investor is comfortable with short-term fluctuations in exchange for seeking long-term appreciation.
Moderately Aggressive: primarily values higher long-term returns and is willing to accept significant risk. This investor believes higher long-term returns are more important than protecting principal.
Aggressive: values maximizing returns and is willing to accept substantial risk. This investor believes maximizing long-term returns is more important than protecting principal.
Current Income Sources

Please list your current income sources. E.g., John's Wage, Jane's LLC, etc.

Future Income Sources

Please list your future income sources. E.g., John's LLC, Jane's Social Security, Building Rent, etc.

Current Debts

Please list your current debts. E.g., Mortgage, Jane's Car, John's Student Loan, etc.

Current Wealth: Real Estate

Please list your current real estate assets and their appraised values. E.g., Primary Home, Lake Home, Condo, etc.

Current Wealth: Business

Please list your current business assets and their net worth. E.g., John's LLC, Jane's LLC, etc.

Current Wealth: Savings

Please list your savings and their current balances. E.g., Bank, Life Insurance Cash, etc.

Current Wealth: Retirement

Please list your retirement balances. E.g., E.g., John's 401k, Jane's 401k, etc.

One Year Goals

Looking ahead to the next year, identify a few financial or life goals. E.g., Promotion, Raise, Go after Vehicle Debt, Go after Student Loans, etc.

Three Year Goals

Looking ahead to three years from today, identify a few financial or life goals. E.g., No Vehicle Debt, No Student Loans, $___k Net Worth, etc.

Five Year Goals

Looking ahead to five years from today, identify a few financial or life goals. E.g., Mortgage Down to $___k, 401k Balances to $___k, etc.

Risk Management

Please check all the risk management and insurance you currently have in place.

Life Insurance
Disability Insurance
Long Term Care Insurance
Health Insurance
Will / Trust
Power of Attorney
Living Will
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